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Yet at times you wonder if it is possible... We are here to tell you and show you that it is!

If you are a seeker, craving an even deeper connection to Source, to your soul, yet want answers to your toughest questions about strategies for creating Global Impact, you are in the right place.

You know you want to work on your business, but you are too caught up working in it.

You are juggling it all, you don’t have enough support and just as much as you love what you do, you’re tired of being caught on the hamster wheel.

You know you deserve a world-class brand and want to put stand out strategies in place, but let’s be honest… You barely have time to breathe.


Haven’t you had enough of the Catch 22 of not having time to create time saving strategies that will uplevel your business and your brand?


We will not only show you how to create a five-star business and life, but set you up for success by actually implementing strategies while we are together for four days in a five-star setting.

It’s time that instead of going to yet another seminar where you are herded into an air-conditioned room with 500 strangers passively listening to yet another guru’s teachings, ending up with nothing but one more notebook and a set of CDs to add to your dusty collection, YOU ACTUALLY DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!

What a novel concept, huh?

Even better, you do not need to do it alone! The outdated male paradigm of always competing and conquering things alone is so old – and so limiting.
This is the sweet new era of collaboration and co-creation that leads to exponentially greater results.


How about doing it with the loving guidance of two women who have not only done it and get it, they also get who you are, what you stand for and deeply care about you being on the path of success.

Your Guide


Your Guide



Zsuzsa Novak believes that regardless of where you come from, you can create a brilliant business and life. Zsuzsa is a maid turned brand elevation and business expansion expert, who loves nothing more than helping people stand out and shine.

As a Starpower Strategist, she sparks your unique gifts, talents and message into a brand that is the organic extension of your essence. Zsuzsa’s mission is to make our world a brighter place by helping YOU become the star of your field, so that you can make a difference on a global scale.

An internationally sought-after speaker, Zsuzsa has been privileged to share the stage with legendary speakers like Bob Proctor, Marcia Wieder and Marianne Williamson. Zsuzsa's private clients have included coaches, authors, light-workers, entrepreneurs, experts and executives from around the globe. Zsuzsa has also consulted for multi-million dollar organizations like New Regency, Warner Bros., KJAZZ 88.1FM, LA Fitness and Neutrogena.


Michelle Ghilotti was named one of the nation's top creatives in ORIGIN Magazine last year. She is a Mom Mogul (what she lovingly calls many of her clients) and serial expatriate. That’s her in a nutshell.

Having lived all over the world and worked with brands such as Nike, got milk? and Starbucks, Michelle is now a couture brand creator, success coach, writer, modern adventurist, entrepreneurial mom, Huffington Post blogger and speaker supporting women in making happiness their business by infusing creative and authentic depth into their brand communication, business programs, signature processes and more.

She is the owner of Michelle Ghilotti International: a branding, coaching and empowerment agency and author-in-the-making with How to be a Walking Momtra: Eight Simple Yoga Truths to Stretch Every Mom’s Happiness. She has been quoted in and written stories for nationally published books such as I Love Mondays, Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself, It's a Chick Thing and The Girls' Book of Success, as well as has appeared on KTVU, The Lifetime Channel and KATU for her work. Though she is very much a modern-day gypsy, Michelle currently lives in Los Angeles with her Harry Potter-obsessed son and soccer-crazed husband of 15 years.


• My unshakable belief that YOU were meant to stand out and shine.
• My MBA from the prestigious Anderson School of Management at UCLA.
• My experience of having worked on the global branding and marketing of multi-million dollar movies like The Matrix, Evita, Die Hard, City of Angels and many more.
• My strategic skills to turn the Hollywood spotlight on YOU and your expertise so that you become the Star of your field.
• My proven, award-winning ability to create global brands and map out 7-figure businesses in just a few hours.
• My Master Coach Certification in all 3 key areas of assessment, strategy and accountability.
• My decade-long entrepreneurial experience of creating an internationally successful business while raising two children, a puppy, a kitty and a bunny.
• My resilience coupled with my ability to laugh at life’s sense of humor, no matter what.


• Fifteen years of running a successful business while living in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Portland, Guadalajara and currently in sunny Los Angeles.
• Global experience that doesn't pertain solely to business, but to the important business of designing a meaningful and FUN-filled life.
• My belief that empowered women create what they want to be a part of.
• My ability to create killer signature processes that support an entrepreneur in not only building her business, but building herself.
• Creativity which has won me awards and the spotlight on TV programs.
• Eight years of big brand experience with companies like Starbucks and Nike.
• My 10-year journey with yoga and yoga philosophy.
• My experience building a multiple-six figure business, while writing a book, juggling running multiple mastermind groups, serving private clients and also serving dinner to my son and husband.
• My open heart…

To create your five-star business and life, we are inviting you to join us in a truly five-star setting.

Your vision will be instantly up-leveled as you step into the gorgeous multi-million dollar Skyline Estate, often occupied by world famous movie stars and Hollywood royalty.

This impressive, over 7,000 square-foot Mediterranean mansion sits on 10 acres of carefully cultivated grounds, featuring a heated saltwater swimming pool, a serene koi pond, gazebos, and acres of private hiking trails.

What could be better for elevating your business and your brand than being at a gorgeous estate on a private cul-de sac, that sits on top of the world with 360-degree commanding panoramic city and mountain views.

Your vision of who you are and what you are here to create in this lifetime will expand exponentially.

Aside from the opulent setting, you will have white-glove service and will be treated like the Star that you are.

You thought it was a given to get home from an event feeling exhausted and depleted?


During The Branding Retreat you will have optional morning yoga with a professional yogini, time for hiking, swimming and beauty rituals.

Your gourmet meals with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are part of your ticket.

A selection of fresh fruits, organic juices, tea, coffee and in the evenings some spectacular bottles wine will be available at the bar.

Your soul will sing and add to your glow because you will be in a conscious community, immersed in beauty and inspiration yet grounded in strategic action.

You will be in the company of fabulous fellow female entrepreneurs, who feel your heart, see your soul and think big, just like you.

You will be guided by Zsuzsa and Michelle, while leveraging the brilliance of businesswomen who are committed to creating wildly successful and highly impactful ventures, while loving life and living their legacy.



Setting the course of our luxurious journey

Champagne on deck

Group workshop

Welcome dinner

One-on-one mentoring with Michelle and Zsuzsa

Founding Circle ceremony


Charting your five-star business and life

Optional morning yoga


Revealing the Five-star Business and Brand Strategies

How are YOU brilliant?


Your custom tailored brand plan

Map to your seven-figure business destination

Hiking and/or pool time

One-on-one mentoring with Michelle and Zsuzsa

Unstructured implementation time


Optional fun, networking, and/or winding down time


Strategies for Smooth Sailing

Optional morning yoga


Learnings from billion dollar brands

Leveraging your unique Starpower


Creating your Global Brand


Hiking and/or pool time

One-on-one mentoring with Michelle and Zsuzsa

Unstructured implementation time


Optional fun, networking, and/or winding down time


Stepping up and stepping out

Morning yoga


Revealing your Superstar looks

Ongoing celebrity make-up application and photo shoot during the day



Hiking and/or pool time

Unstructured implementation time

Group sharings

Closing ceremony


• Your individualized starpower assessment ($1,500)
• Your overview of funnels and financials ($2,000)
• Your key strategies for creating your signature program ($2,500)

• Your signature brand story ($2,000)
• Your aligned tagline and essential brand elements ($1,500)
• Your central brand themes and personalized brand titles ($1,500)

• Your strategies for marketing your movement ($2,500)
• Your make-up and branded photography package ($5,000)
• Your chance to have hours of one-on-one time with Michelle and Zsuzsa ($500/hr.)


“When I started mentoring with Zsuzsa Novak a couple years ago, I was one of those coaches who had many interests and no direction. I really wanted to help others, yet I was depressed, scared, and stuck. I was in a financial whirlpool that was drowning me in debt. I had all these great ideas and yet I could not bear to act on them, so I remained paralyzed.

With Zsuzsa's help and guidance I made a list of everything I wanted to do and we tied them all together, creating easy, achievable action steps. Zsuzsa was a wealth of information and gave me links and resources for guidance, growth, inspiration and creativity. She continuously encouraged me and became my biggest cheerleader. I have learned from her how to successfully brand and market myself, how to create an online presence and build my platform.

I am now the proud author of two books and creator of Aunt Be Botanicals. My beauty products are all natural and hand crafted for positive healing. I am thrilled with what I do, showing men and women how to take care of their skin, their body and their well being!

If you want to live your passion, if you want to step into your power and step up your profitability, if you want to expand your reach and your influence, then I highly suggest you work with Zsuzsa. She understands your fear, nourishes your desire and hands you the reins of the purposeful life you were meant to live!”


“I've worked with several coaches prior to Michelle, but since starting to work with her in her Gold Program (her six month coaching program), my personal growth, drive for a balanced life, understanding of my inner self and career opportunities have skyrocketed. She challenges me to want and get more, while appreciating what I have within and around me. More importantly, the work we do together provides me the avenue to pursue my biggest aspirations for my company and team members' growth, while strengthening my bond with my husband, children and family. It's almost like screaming "I am women, here me roar", but never having to make a sound. Michelle has the ability to empower and guide you, assisting with various business clarity and decisions around business model, branding and communicating your PR factor. I highly recommend Michelle to women who are ready to take charge of their business and their life with an enlightened frame of mind to elevate their business.”


“I feel so honored to have collaborated with Zsuzsa Novak. She is an incredibly passionate person about life, who also carries with her a whole arsenal of business solutions. Zsuzsa is very caring and supportive, yet no-nonsense when it comes to business strategies. Her insights have helped me fine-tune my work and more importantly, stay accountable to the work I know I must get done to best serve others. Zsuzsa has that rare combination of business know-how and intuitive guidance that will allow you to follow your bliss in a balanced and productive way. Thank you Zsuzsa for the gifts you bring to your work and for sharing them so generously with me!”

ALICIA MENKFELD Rebel with a Cause Coaching

“I started working with Michelle as my branding coach to get me more clarity around a brand for my new business venture, Rebel With Cause. In the process, she changed my life and the way I view my brand. Little did I realize what a huge impact she'd have in my life and how working with her one on one would give me the clarity I craved and courage to pursue a new business venture I was thinking for months!

Michelle has a fantastic energy and enthusiasm for branding that is absolutely contagious and she led me through the process with direction and exact action steps to take. You showed me how to be a more heart-centered entrepreneur who operates from a place of balance and paying attention to both the ying and yang of my brand. Michelle has a knack for finding out what's really important to you. She draws out your true essence and pick up on little throw-away words to masterfully weave it together in a potent purposeful statement that inspires and motivates you to live up to that claim.

All kudos to Michelle for helping me to pin down my brand values and personality through her fun, quirky and inspiring coaching. I can't recommend Michelle enough…she will help you play a much bigger game than you ever played before and help you to create a daring brand that's right for you and that you're extremely proud of. Thank you, Michelle, for your abundant mentality and for always giving so much. I feel like a proud mother showing off her beautiful child to the world!”

FRANCES GREENBERG Rodeo Realty, Beverly Hills

“Have you ever had someone in your life who inspires you and recognizes your talents and best interests before you recognize them? Have you ever had the opportunity to watch a bottle rocket shoot off into space only to amaze you with its bright colors and incandescent light? That, in a nutshell is what it's like to work with Zsuzsa Novak: lots of fire, energy and a definite direction mapped out before your very eyes! It's not often that you have the opportunity to meet such an inspiring leader!

I decided to work with Zsuzsa because I was in what I would call a "reinvention" period. I had been solidly planted in business for more than a decade. I knew I needed something new: a new perspective, a new idea, a new direction. Zsuzsa was able to help me integrate my past experiences with a new strategic direction. Not only that, but without guilt or ego, Zsuzsa supported me along my journey in an inspiring, gregarious way.

Because of Zsuzsa's creativity in branding and strategic planning in business, I have found a renewed sense of purpose, landed a new brand and said goodbye to my gone-stale business model. Best of all, the profits are rolling in! I would say with absolute certainty that a mentor like Zsuzsa comes along rarely -- so take advantage!”

EMILY DODGE Emily Dodge Coaching

“Working with Michelle on creating my brand Soulful Weight Loss™ has been incredible and so successful. I came to Michelle confused about where to go next with my coaching business and how to re-brand myself. I finished with a spot on brand and clarity about my path. Michelle was insightful, patient, thoughtful, brilliantly creative, super smart and so professional. She coached me forward and helped me take seat in my business and in my life to a place where I could truly find my personal brand. The process was seamless. Our journey has been one much bigger than just branding and design, it has been one of personal discovery and transformation.

Michelle is a one stop shop for anyone looking to truly have a professionally branded business that reflects who they are and helps them be able do the work that they were born to do. Can't recommend her highly enough.”


“Zsuzsa Novak and her brilliant insights came into my life just when I needed her gifts most. Various opportunities were all around me, and while I should have felt grateful, what I really felt was bogged down and afraid of making a choice. Could following my dreams really be a good thing? Especially if it meant that those I cared about had to go without my self-sacrificing devotion to them? Through my doubts and everyone else’s opinions, I couldn’t see the correct course of action. I was entering a hopeless depression where I saw no way of pleasing myself while pleasing others. The truth is, I had all but decided to put my sweetest desires out to pasture. And then entered “Z”.

I felt no pressure from Zsuzsa, just an infusion of life and energy. She had no vested interest in what I chose or didn’t choose for my life. Her only desire was that I be happy and at peace, while living my life to the fullest. Zsuzsa was honest. She let me know when I was seeing something darkly or out of context. She called me on the carpet when I wasn’t coming from my highest self, or when someone wasn’t assisting me in reaching my highest potential. What I never felt: judgment. Not only is Zsuzsa fantastically able to get into my head and understand me and my motivations, but also she is able to quickly and precisely unravel them.

She gets results at lightning speed. Within one session, I felt hope! I felt unstuck! I felt motivation and joy and a desire to run into my future, with everyone I love beside me. I no longer entertained the thought that my dreams were rooted in selfishness, but rather that they are a gift to everyone—most especially to me. And, indeed, every relationship that truly matters to me has thrived as a result of Zsuzsa’s advice, and my successes. I look at her as that perfect, encouraging friend who stands on the sideline of a marathon, passing me a cup of water and a few words of advice before I run to the finish! And the truth of the matter is, I’d rather go without the water, than go without my “Z”.”

ANGELA JIA KIM Savor the Success

“Michelle is amazing at getting to the bottom of what makes you happy and building a brand from that place. Few people understand the power of branding, but it's the smart ones who know that a well-thought out brand is the killer secret of successful businesses.”

LARA FORDIS Think Now Research

“Before mentoring with Zsuzsa, I was working for a company while trying to raise my then preschool age son. I was unable to effectively balance both, let alone enjoy them! I tried starting my own business by myself and struggled. I did not have a clear vision, let alone a foolproof plan for financial viability. Letting go of my initial entrepreneurial idea and thinking of starting something new -- yet again -- felt scary. I felt stuck.

I was fed up and made the decision to hire Zsuzsa. Working with her I learned how crucial it is to have my work be in alignment with who I am and what I value in life. Zsuzsa helped me find out what excited me and, gently but consistently, she helped me rethink how to approach various aspects of my life. Working with her included so much more than I could have imagined. I’ve got results not only in my business, but in many other aspects of my life! I’ve created a fulfilling plan for living that improved my creativity, my mothering and even my weight loss! After over a year of floundering, Zsuzsa helped me flush out and prioritize my ideas and projects.

Before I felt like a boat without a rudder. In less than 90 days of working with Zsuzsa, I’ve gained a new ability to set goals, to execute them and celebrate successes! I thoroughly recommend Zsuzsa Novak to anyone who is ready for a change, but is not sure what their new direction is, or how to make it happen. As Zsuzsa would say: ‘Go for it!’”


“I was looking for a great business coach who got me — who understood and appreciated my lifestyle as a Mom and solopreneur, who valued the business I am building and who could show me how I could make both work. After working with her intensively, in class and in private time, I am SO fired up about my business and my life! This is no longer a make-it-work moment; I am in the flow. When I first met Michelle, I knew I had to work with her, but I wanted to be ready…I can’t believe I doubted it for a second. I was scared that I already had too much on my plate. I pushed myself to start the process anyway and I am so happy I did! We've worked through all my immediate needs for the business AND brand and SO much more around creating my programs and growing my speaking career! I'm so glad I followed the pull of my heart.”

THEDA DAVIDS-MULLER Author of Embrace Financial Freedom & co-creator of the Women of Meaning retreat

“Zsuzsa is pure inspiration. She is a uniqueness of overcoming and overachieving by sheer drive and determination. As a mentor, Zsuzsa is able to transpose that high level of energy and encouragement to others. She has tremendous compassion for her clients and a huge passion for enriching their lives. Zsuzsa backs up her SOLID business and branding expertise with authentic, heartfelt support. This is a rare combination and with that success is inevitable! Anyone should be lucky to work with her.”

WHITNEY STONER Whitney Fusion Events

“I came to Michelle over 7 years ago when I had the opportunity to start my own event planning business and am working with her again in 2016.
I run a high-end boutique firm in the San Francisco Bay Area and I needed a name, a logo and I needed a branding strategy. I was a bit at a loss. For some reason with naming, I was stuck and nervous. I needed something that would last the test of time and appeal to both men and women, corporate, social, you name it.

Michelle and I worked for a couple months and nailed it. She was living and working in Holland at the time and I was in San Francisco. I have to say that Michelle has the most creative and passionate way to go about her work. She acts like she's naming HER own business when working with you. She made it so soothing when I was so incredibly stressed about it. She pulled so much inspiration out of me that I didn't even know I had.

In the end, I was so incredibly comfortable with the name and still to this day over seven years later, Whitneyfusion is the name I use!

I can never repay Michelle for what she did for me…I not only got a company name and a logo but I got a branding strategy that has stood the test of time and made me very happy! She's a genius at social media too.

I recommend working with Michelle for a million reasons…she becomes your best friend, she's witty, she's funny, she's incredibly creative, very mindful and extremely responsive. And she's not about just her coming up with the ideas, she involves you at each step. I loved the collaborative process; it was important to me.”


“I am so THANKFUL for my marvelous, energetic, warrior-princess mentor, Zsuzsa! She has helped me SO MUCH in the past year, it's hard to describe. She's helped me by bringing out the best in ME - not by trying to prescribe some formula for how I should be... I am wealthier in both spirit and bank account because of her. What better combination is there? I'm also having much greater impact on the clients I work with, paying Zsuzsa’s generosity forward.”

Not just because it is tax deductible, but more so because this is the gift that will keep on giving. You will be the immediate beneficiary because you will look and feel better than ever after you’ve spent three and a half magnificent days with us in an exquisite setting. But since you will be expanding and elevating your business and your brand, your family, your clients and your entire community will continue to reap the benefits. Creating your five-star business and life has never been more remarkable, relaxing and rewarding.


Space is available to only 10 women and bookings are final. While we cannot allow cancellations, we will happily accept substitutions — should circumstances have you sell or gift your spot to another lucky lady after you’ve committed. Though we are proponents of positive thinking, have faith in good karma and believe that everything happens for a reason, we recommend purchasing travel insurance should you need additional peace of mind. Travel to and from Los Angeles is not included in your fee, but all else mentioned above: housing of double occupancy, all meals, drinks, mentoring, make-up, photography, programs, yoga classes, activities, gifts and surprises are covered by your ticket. Yep, this is a no-brainer!

The fast-action taker discount of $3,000 for a total investment of only $7,000 is only available until March 23rd, 2016, Midnight PST. From March 24th, 2016, the full rate of $10,000 applies. The cart closes on March 31st, 2016 at Midnight PST.